Saturday, May 23, 2009

Short Run Printing USEFUL TIPS

Quick short run printing is one of the most sought after online printing business services today. Short run printing will never replace offset printing. But, it is a valuable option that you can use, offset printing will always be the printing method of choice when it comes to bulk online printing jobs. However, it is the perfect compliment to offset printing since it covers all the printing options that are not available with printing offset.

Here are some of its unique characteristics and advantages:

• Save on printing cost
Since this kind of printing method is a direct printing method, you do not need to go through the tedious process of creating plates, color separation, film stripping, etc. Your files only need to pass through a computer which transfers your data straight to the printing machine. This allows you to print your materials with out paying for the materials mentioned above.

• Print only what you need
While offset printing allows you the advantage of paying less when ordering in bulk, short run printing allows you to place orders for small quantities of prints at an affordable price. Before the emergence of short run prints, you have no choice but to print in bulk because you would need to pay for your prints as well as the cost of producing plates and dies. Also, when printing short run, you can specify the number of prints you want. This means that you will never print anything excess again.

• Fast turnaround
Another advantage of not going through several printing processes is that you save time and allows your prints to be printed at a fast turnaround. Also, the way color is produced when printing short run is different from the way colors are produced in offset. When printing in short run, colors are sprayed directly on top of the paper and then coated with an aqueous finish. This makes the ink dry almost instantly without smudging. On the other hand, offset printing methods produces colors by running through 4 (sometimes even 5 or 6) rollers that contain different colors that when combined, produce the shade or hue that you want. This type of coloring process takes a longer time to dry. In short run printing way, you can pass printing process of creating printing plates, color separation, film stripping, etc. Never cost added in this way.

• It makes creating prints for your direct mail marketing campaigns easier
You can make your direct mail campaigns more efficiently since you can print different materials for different target audience. Short run prints allow you be more specific in the way you market to your target audience by letting you specify the number of prints you produce for a specific marketing are.

• It gives you options when publishing your books
Book publishers and authors are the ones who benefits most from having short run prints. Authors can now publish their books even with a limited budget since you can specify the number of prints that you want. Also publishers can now store large volumes of back copies of books and have them printed whenever an order comes. All they have to do is store a digital copy of that book in their database. It is a better option than printing bulk orders of these back copies and storing them in their inventories.



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