Thursday, May 21, 2009

Booklet Printing Machine for Self Publishing

A right choosing of Booklet Printing Machine for starting self publishing business is the speed and the overall return of investment. There are several things you have to take when you choose a machine for booklet printing as for independent publishing works.

Below are some guidelines you should remember as you shop:

Choose the fastest that you can find: In the printing business works the speed of your printing machine is an integral part in scheduling the printing tasks you have on the docket. In general a faster a printing machine goes the better printing. But this concept may vary from each printing type. For booklet printing, it is safe to find the fastest booklet printing machine possible that you can find. A full color booklet can be relatively small and light so machines can produce them more quickly than fully fledged novels. The faster you can send your booklets out. The more self publishing business you can take in by having time for another printing task.

Compatibility with standard paper sizes:
This is easy enough to understand. When you want to choose a machine for booklet printing it must accept the standard paper printing sizes that you will need to put in. Most booklet printing machines should accept the letter size which is 8.5 by 11 inches and a larger poster sized paper which can be folded like the letter size. If the machine can handle more that these paper sizes than it might be worth the investment to buy it. If you don’t have the budget however, just stick to the ones that have the standard letter and poster size. For small color booklets, those are the sizes that matter.

Booklet Thickness:
Some booklet machines have a maximum thickness that it can deal with before it cannot operate. Take this into account when choosing the machine. Consider what jobs you may expect. If you have jobs that need booklets numbering more than 50 pages, you might want to invest on one that can handle the load even if it is more expensive.

Locations of the staples:
Stapling locations can determine the quality and durability of the custom booklets that you may be making. The more stapling locations, the better quality booklets you produce. Take note of the stapling locations on the booklet machines you may be browsing. Look at the number, and ask if these can be adjusted. Ask yourself what your possible jobs will be, and if quality is your primary concern or a more affordable machine.

Always remember these guidelines when you’re out shopping for your booklet printing machine. It will help you and your booklet printing company once those booklet orders come piling up.



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