Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to make a T-shirt Print

These video guide details the various stages of t-shirt printing, from preparation of your Vinyl Transfer of Sublimation Print to the use of a Vinyl Cutter to produce your design and the printing of your T-shirts or polo-shirts using a t-shirt heat press.

Let's see the tutorial of making t-shirt printing...

How to make a T-shirt Print

The video takes you though how to use CorelDraw to take an image (print logo) and add cut lines that can be read by a vinyl cutter. It then goes on to show you how duplicate the image on a page ready for printing. Once the logos have been printed the guide shows you how to cut them using a Roland cutter.

After watching the guide a user should be able to produce multicolour images ready to be printed onto T-shirts using a heat press.

The video details how to use the Ultragraphics system from xpres for T-shirt printing.


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