Thursday, May 21, 2009

Canvas Printing - Easy Making at Home

In canvas printing, images are processed in huge format. Printers used here print images well within the deep frame of canvas. In fact, this type of printing is a modern form of conventional photo printing. Printing on canvas refers to the procedure used to print fine art as well as printing photos onto canvas. Results of printing on canvas are incredible. This method of printing photos onto canvas is very similar to obtaining prints through printer

People display such printings in their offices for advertisement purposes, trade shows and even at homes. A fine and wonderful canvas print can make individuals stop for a while and take its notice. The process of printing photos onto the canvas is not an easy job. Individuals need to concentrate on different angles, think of color combination, designs, framing to bring out the best images on canvas print. However, while printing images onto canvas, individuals need to use high-resolution pictures to obtain clear prints.

Individuals can print photos on canvas at their homes too. Only a creative mind can think beautiful designs to print it on the canvas. Here are few tips to print photos on canvas at home:

a.> To print photos on canvas, individuals need to shoot photo using a digital camera. Always take the photo with highest digital camera setting. If individuals posses a seven million pixels digital camera, make sure to put it to highest setting.

b.> Open the image manipulation software and zoom the photo by clicking at view print size option. This gives the image a larger size and look.

c.> Next, save this file as jpeg or tiff at around 300dpi. Dpi refers to dots per inch at which printer prints the image. Many large printers print the photo at 300dpi on the canvas. After saving the file send it to the printing company and obtain the canvas print.



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