Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Benefits of T-shirt Printing

AT-shirt printing is an art which needs to be done tastefully. Shabbily printed ones would send out a negative image to onlookers. Gone are the days when people were satisfied with what is available in the stores. Now they want to be their own bosses and send out loud messages via their T-shirts.

A message of love inscribed on your T-shirt during a date with your beloved would definitely make him or her stand up and notice. Such inscriptions would send out loud messages on your character and tastes too.

It is a fact that it is difficult to find such fitting T-shirts in the market. The only solution is to get one designed by yourself. But the problem here is about how to get them designed and printed. But do not get disheartened. There are several businesses dealing with T-shirt printing. One option is to screen print the image on the shirts. Other viable options are embroidery, fabric printing, iron on etc.

For screen printing first thing you have to do is to purchase the shirts at an online bulk supply company and a simple screen printing press. A CD or book on screen printing is a must to understand the procedure. You can make your own custom T-shirts at a much reduced price than you get from a local screen printer. This would make a highly profitable business also.

If you think embroidery is the way to make custom T-shirts buy embroidery equipment and set it in your garage or even kitchen table. If you decide to pursue, it can turn out to be a real money making venture.

Fabric painting comes under the home made or crafting category. The kids can design T-shirts for grand parents; the family can make it for a get together so on and so forth. Iron on or transfers are the simplest of the four methods discussed. Here you have to get a pre-made iron on transfer for the shirts from any craft store. However, programs are there which allow you to make them on your computer also.

If you want to get it done from outside, look for people who would finish your order the same day itself, that also without charging exorbitant prices. Some of them can print any font styles, colors or sizes. You can select every aspect of your order through their internet sites itself. These sites would help you design your won T-shirts step by step. The end result would definitely boost your self confidence.

It is better to go for the leaders in the business as they tend to be more reliable than others. Go for the one that offer free delivery on all orders, does not insist on bulk ordering, have the good heartedness to offer massive discounts on big volume orders, treat the customer like kings and most importantly, can do quality printing.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Benefits of Reusable Bag Printing

What are the benefits of having a reusable bag? These printing tips would open your mind to think about. There are many but for example if the bag is a printed cotton bag, then they can be sturdier than your common paper bag or plastic bag, with less worry about it breaking when carrying something heavier.

Then there are the huge commercial benefits with company branding designs placed conveniently on the bag wherever the retailer desires and you have yourself some of the most affordable advertising available. Billboard and sign advertising is very costly and often businesses can’t afford to pay for that level of exposure.

If then printing business companies either give their new printed cotton reusable bagsaway with purchases or charge a small fee for them, the benefits are obvious. Lots of happy shoppers walking up and down the town centre with your logo emblazoned all over their bags, reaching places billboards can never reach.

This evidence alone should convince environmentally minded retailers and consumers that the transfer to reusable bags is both a healthy one and a potentially profitable one, as apparently the production and cost of these reusable bags is very economical.

In the long term reusable printed cotton bags will cost less per bag than the proposals planned for in store plastic bags. Common sense tells us that this can surely be the only way forward with regards to this issue and there are numerous websites that specialise in printing and producing these cotton reusable bags, many of them offering a huge selection of styles, colours and designs.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Printing Paper Finishing Types

The finishing of printing paper refers to the surface characteristics of the paper model such as how the paper feels: is it smooth such as glossy cover or rough with an antique finish? Does the medium (papers) you choose suitable for digital printing process, offset printing advantages, custom greeting card printing or just for labeling your CDs? Does the paper have a glossy appearance such as coated glossy papers or is it dull like bond paper. Does the paper enhance the look of the printed piece similar to watermarked paper or is it purely functional like newspaper print? Does the paper have a high ink absorption rate as does Vellum or poor absorption such as on coated paper?

Some common paper finishing are described below:

Linen finished paper resembles linen cloth and is usually produced after the papermaking process as an offline embossing process.

A gloss finish produces a shiny and reflective surface on one or both sides of certain coated papers. A higher gloss is usually seen on higher quality coated papers. The gloss finish is produced from compounds added during the paper making process.

A finish on certain coated papers that is smooth but gives a dull appearance. A matte finish, as well as other types of coated paper, are good choices for print jobs in which high quality is required.

Felt is a soft texture on uncoated paper that is created during the papermaking process with a either felt covered roller or with a rubber roller with a felt pattern that creates the finish. It can also be accomplished as an offline process. The felt finish does not affect the strength of the paper.

A laid finish has the appearance of translucent lines running horizontally and vertically in the paper. It is produced during the papermaking process with a special roller that creates the pattern in the wet paper.

A paper finish that has an old or antique appearance and is the result of washing sulfuric acid over the paper and then quickly neutralizing the acid wash. This process melts the outer paper fibers which fill the voids in the rest of the paper. Parchment is very durable and grease resistant.

A smooth finish is the result of the paper passing through sets of rollers during the papermaking process. This process is known as calendering.

A vellum finish has an eggshell appearance and is consistent and even but not as much as a smooth finish. Vellum is one of the most popular uncoated finishes and paper with this finish has a high ink absorbency rate.

An even finish in uncoated paper with a slight texture made by a felt roller covered in woven wire.

A cockle finish simulates characteristics of hand made paper with a wavy, rippled, puckered finish. The effect is obtained by air drying the paper under minimum tension.

Finishes can be applied to paper during the manufacturing process (recycled paper) or produced offline. A paper finishing such as Laid can be created while it is being manufactured with the use of a marking roller that forms the pattern in the paper while it is still wet. Paper finishes provided offline are usually accomplished with steel rollers that press the pattern into the paper. The offline finishes are known as embossed finishes.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poster Digital Printing for Business Promotions

More business firms are resorting to poster digital printing for their business promotion needs. Digital poster printing produces high clarity poster printing and precision images with accurate colour and exquisite detail. Digitally printed posters are ideal for all types of events, especially for those organized to promote products and services.

Today, they are used widely in tradeshows, exhibitions and other events. Most of the digital poster printing companies provide services for both commercial and personal purposes. But, digital poster printing for commercial and business promotional purposes is most common. A professionally designed and sleek digital poster will definitely make an excellent piece of high impact advertising medium that will easily catch the attention of potential customers.

Poster digital printing is a major development in the printing industry. This printing procedure has revolutionized the entire printing industry as it can provide really good prints in shorter turnaround times. Unlike traditional printing, it uses the most modern digital technologies to print digital posters. As printing is directly made from a computer file, it eliminates the use of film negatives, slides or plates.

Moreover, customization is possible with this kind of printing. From single to multiple color prints, a wide spectrum of poster digital printing services is provided by many digital printing companies at affordable prices. Poster digital printing services such as online poster printing, black and white poster printing, four color poster printing, full color poster printing and large format poster printing are most commonly used for business promotions. Wall posters, vinyl posters, mounted posters and canvas posters are some of the digital posters and print products.

Materials used for poster digital printing are glossy or semi-glossy paper, matte or satin paper, adhesive vinyl and canvas. Both standard size digital posters and custom size posters are available.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Digital Printing Card TIPS

Digital printing means reproducing digital images. It can be done with the help of a digital printing press on surface like common paper, film, cloth etc. The machine can take the digital files from computer and print them.

There are also certain tips that must be followed in this process:

The first one is the choice of paper for printing. There are different types of paper used by companies and it is very necessary to check with the printing press company that will be doing the job. The overall finishing, contrast will depend upon the quality of paper.

While using printing media, you must wear cotton gloves and always keep printing media away from dust and don’t use oils, paints for it.
Lamination is recommended for some outdoor or indoor functioning and it provides protection from harmful UV rays or pollution.
Enough time should be given for drying and it depends upon the media and on the environmental conditions.

The temperature of print media and the laminate is same and the minimum application temperature is +10°C and the cold lamination films on motor-driven squeeze roll will give better results as compared to others.

For full protection, store unprinted media in a plastic cover. The choice of ink is also very important; such jobs require oil-based heat- or thermal-resistant inks that will survive 400° Fahrenheit without spreading.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TIPS for Plastic Card Printing Tools

Plastic card is necessary for your school or for a small business you own. If you have been paying another company to print your ID cards, then you probably understand how costly this procedure can be. It’s also demanding to obtain the cards printed precisely based on your desire. It can be an exasperating process if the cards turn out to be inappropriate or with even a small flaw. Although you correct the mistakes free of charge, you should be patient enough to wait to have them reprinted and to be send out.

Learning to print your own plastic card is truly an advantage. You can have a great deal of this anxiety and stress out of the printing process. If you print them yourself, you can control over your cards directly, according to your desire styles, their size and more. If you print one and it meet your expectations, you can go instantly to your machine and simply try again.

Printing ID cards with your own card printer is a simple task. It just simply connects your printer to your computer and it will print out the same way like your paper printing machine. Plastic card printer prints your image on plastic instead of printing it on a piece of paper.

If you want to print your own plastic cards, there are certain pieces of tool which are capable of doing the job correctly. Here is some of that useful hardware for your plastic card printing project:

It is the same as your paper printer needs ink ribbons or ink cartridges, and so your card printers as well. Ribbons for your card printers are created uniquely for printing on cards, and help you obtain the job done in a precise manner. In this way, you can have professional quality cards, printed right in your own home or office.

Laminating is very essential in protecting your card, especially with ID cards or badges that are used on a regular basis. There are different ways to achieve lamination however one of the simplest is buying laminates which is appropriate for the cards like sleeves and help to protect them and make them lasting.

Cleaning Kits
Proper maintenance is very important to keep your card printer working accurately and help to last for a long time. To achieve the best from your machine, you should purchase cleaning kits that will help to keep it operating at utmost performance.

PVC Cards
You can buy PVC cards for printing on. There are many different designs, colors and qualities to choose from, but you have the liberty to find the perfect ones for your demands.

These are just some of the main pieces of card printer hardware you will need for printing your own ideal cards. However, this is not a comprehensive list and there are many other products that can help you reach your desire output in a simpler and easier process. It can also help you add other varieties of fashion and details to your printed cards.

So, grab your own plastic card printing tools for your perfect plastic cards! Do your own thing and style and be more creative and stylish through your own plastic printing equipments.

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