Friday, February 6, 2009

Digital Printing Card TIPS

Digital printing means reproducing digital images. It can be done with the help of a digital printing press on surface like common paper, film, cloth etc. The machine can take the digital files from computer and print them.

There are also certain tips that must be followed in this process:

The first one is the choice of paper for printing. There are different types of paper used by companies and it is very necessary to check with the printing press company that will be doing the job. The overall finishing, contrast will depend upon the quality of paper.

While using printing media, you must wear cotton gloves and always keep printing media away from dust and don’t use oils, paints for it.
Lamination is recommended for some outdoor or indoor functioning and it provides protection from harmful UV rays or pollution.
Enough time should be given for drying and it depends upon the media and on the environmental conditions.

The temperature of print media and the laminate is same and the minimum application temperature is +10°C and the cold lamination films on motor-driven squeeze roll will give better results as compared to others.

For full protection, store unprinted media in a plastic cover. The choice of ink is also very important; such jobs require oil-based heat- or thermal-resistant inks that will survive 400° Fahrenheit without spreading.

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