Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TIPS Job Hunting by Business Card

For job hunting reaches, the business card could be a trademark of your style to another competitors. And when you print business cards, it is about making a contact and a connection. It makes you look professional, easily approachable and most importantly you will stand out among other applicants since people rarely give business cards away in job applications.

Besides this, there are many other strategies that you can employ with your business cards for job hunting. Read on, and see a few printing tips that we have for you.

Make contacts, make opportunities
When you print business cards, your aim is to make contacts. For starters, you don't have to give them only to employers. Chances are you will meet a lot of job hunters yourself, including ones in different professions and industries. If you are friendly in the unemployment cues and lobby waiting rooms, try to make some contacts. Strike up a conversation about anything and make a casual friend. If you somehow connect, try and ask for their business card and give your own color business card in exchange. Who knows? That casual encounter can lead you to better job opportunities.

Include it with your resume
This is rarely done, but it is the key to some recognition among other job applicants. You can attach your business card along with your resume as you pass it. It is simple but it conveys a lot of messages. First, it conveys your image as a professional. Having a color business card ready means you were a competent business professional before and that you are eager to make contacts. Second, a business card gives you that “unique factor”. Since it is rare for people to attach their business card along with a resume' employers will remember that particular applicant with the professional looking business card design. You will appear more competent than others, and it might just be the key to landing that new job.

Leave it everywhere and anywhere
Also, if you are open to working even for just some part time projects, business card printing can come in handy. If you visit offices, restaurants, clubs and other establishments try and leave your business card at the reception or front desk. You can advertise yourself this way. If you are a web designer, architect, lawyer or are like other professionals who work primarily with projects cases, leaving your business card is a good way to increase your chances of landing a new job. A lot of establishments are searching for people who can do a few simple projects for them without the hassle of a formal job hunt. So if they see your business card they might just take you up for a project or two. It is extra money for you, and it might pave the way for more regular employment later.

It is an affordable business investment
So as you can see, there are many ways you can use business cards for job hunting. One good thing about printing business cards is that it is a relatively affordable investment. For just 50 or 100 copies of your business card you can increase your job hunting success in a lot of dimensions. So try to print business cards for your job hunt. It is worth a try, and the benefits are definitely worth the investment.



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